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Hot-wax dipping of beehives

Hot wax dipping is the immersion of beehive components in molten food-grade paraffin wax. In some cases the molten wax can be applied with a paint brush. Among the advantages of this procedure is the sterilisation from wax moth and other diseases, the preservation of wooden parts from the effects of humidity and the thermal insulation of the beehive.

We recommend paraffin waxes with increased elasticity, so that the gaps between the wooden frames remain air-tight, despite temperature fluctuations. Wax moth will thus be prevented from growing in the gaps.

Dipping in paraffin wax has considerable advantages against other methods of protection against wax moth, which are either toxic (pesticides such as para-dichlorobenzene) or energy consuming (such as freezing the beehives).

The recommended colours are wax-soluble and very easy to use. Since the light spectrum the bees see is from 300 to 600nm, colours with wavelengths above 600nm (red, orange) should rather be avoided.

Safety Measures & Precautions
Hot paraffin wax can cause severe burns; handling with caution is therefore absolutely necessary. Observe fire safety regulations, especially when heating with flame. Molten wax can start a fire if the flash point of paraffin (approx. 220°C) is reached. The temperature should therefore be continuously monitored by means of a thermometer. Never allow the temperature to exceed 180°C. In case of fire use dry powder or CO2 extinguishers or sand; do not use water.

Method of Application
Two or more dippings are necessary. Paraffin wax should be heated in a suitable container. Once molten, colour, if required may be added at a very small percentage. The first dipping should be done at a wax temperature of 140 to 160°C and the hives must remain submerged for 4 to 5 minutes. The second (and subsequent, if needed) dipping(s) should be done at a wax temperature below 100°C; now the beehives need only be dipped for a few seconds each time. Make sure not to block any ventilating openings.

Recommended products:

Candle colour, green, cosmetic grade (Bekro No. 10019-71-1)


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Candle colour, yellow, cosmetic grade (Bekro No. 10-2401)


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Candle colour, blue, cosmetic grade (Bekro No. 51-4061)


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Candle colour No. 3915 white


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Thermometer with protective wire mesh


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Paraffin wax, type Sasolwax 6403


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