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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

This website provides or shall provide in the future data on the details and specifications of the products offered for sale, as well as instructions on the correct usage of those products on various applications. Wherever deemed necessary, basic safety instructions are also given, to aid in the prevention of accidents. Although every possible effort is being made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the above information, this content is offered without any guarantee.

As a visitor of this website (customer or not), you shall be solely responsible for implementing any of the applications for which instructions are given. In particular, you are required to take all the safety measures which are either required by law or are common practice for each specific task. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that all local regulations are met and that you have obtained any permits required by law.

The products recommended for each application have been selected according to our knowledge and experience and the recommendations of their manufacturers. However, these recommendations should be understood as guidelines only, as the suitability of any product for achieving a specific result is affected by a number of unpredictable factors. The customer should always make his own checks and tests to verify the suitability of the products he intends to use as raw materials, before starting his own production.

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